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9848 Gearview? Say What?

The end of the 2021-2022 robotics season marked a significant moment for the five Clearview Robotics teams. Despite the hard work and effort put in by all team members, none of the teams advanced to the States tournament. Although disheartened, the team captains recognized the need for change and came together to create a new team with a fresh approach. This new team consisted of eight junior and senior students who were dedicated to one common goal - to go to Worlds.

Since most of the members were from the former teams 12441, Gearview, and 9848, The Mechanical Pioneers, the team decided to adopt the team number from one team and the name from the other. The new team was called 9848 Gearview.

The team dynamic of 9848 Gearview is unique compared to other teams. We have adopted a horizontal organizational structure, with all members being equally skilled and valued. Having no captains allows each member to contribute their expertise in a specific area such as build, cad/design, outreach, and more, while also learning from one another.

In addition to our own pursuit to Worlds, 9848 Gearview also serves as a mentor team to our four sister teams. We provide support and guidance in any way we can, with two team members assigned to each sister team to coordinate resources based on their needs. However, all members of 9848 Gearview are available to help each sister team, with the assigned team members ensuring that the sister team receives the support they require.

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