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The People Behind Gearview

Get to know the amazing people behind 9848 GearView. We’ve built outstanding relationships with our community, as we are always focused on providing exceptional experiences and connections. Behind every successful team there’s a group of talented people, committed to success. Read all about our team below, and get in touch with questions.

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Non-Tech Lead

Use this space to write a brief description of what this team member does. You can include relevant degrees, experience or other special qualifications they may have.



I am an ex-captain of tam 12441, now serving 9848 as an experienced builder/designer. I enjoy robotics because it is a place to make friends, mentor younger students, and grow as a person. I can't wait to see where it takes me in college and beyond. <3

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Hey! My name is Nanda and I am super excited to do FTC this year! I love building and designing while helping others along the way.



Hi! I am Rebecca! I am super excited for my 3rd season of FTC! This year I am leading the outreach effort for team 9848! When I am not at robotics my other interests include many school, social, and academic clubs, for example Color guard, Latin Club, Theater, Book Club, Creating 4 A Cause, and more! :)

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Drew Carlyle is an absolute pleasure to work with. Their willingness to dive in and excellent problem-solving abilities make them the best Assistant Manager 9848 Gearview could ask for.



Ash Marcus is an essential part of the team, and has been with 9848 Gearview since the very beginning. As our Customer Service Representative, they’ve worked with and helped countless satisfied customers.

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Hi! I'm Shawn, and this is my 2nd year in FTC! This year, I'm the programming lead for 9848! I hope that I can spread my programming knowledge across the teams to advance their programming skills this year. I'm also looking forward to learning from the other members of my team. Here's hoping for Worlds!



Hi! My name is Vincent and I am a senior on the team this year. This is my 5th year doing FTC and I am just excited as I was my very first year to continue learning and helping others along the way. Last season I was selected as a Dean's List Finalist and attended Worlds, in which I learned plentiful information I will bring to our team this year. I can't wait to work with the rest of the team this season and see where we'll go!

Robotics Portraits-101.jpg
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